Affton Unplugged: Episode 31

Welcome to our latest episode of Affton Unplugged, taking you behind the scenes at Rogers Middle School's drama club—the creative hub behind some truly intriguing theatrical productions. Join our superintendent Travis Bracht as he engages in heartfelt conversations with the inspiring drama teacher, Mr. Joe Murphy, and some exceptionally talented students.

Unfolding his journey from an enthusiastic teacher in Houston, Missouri - Mr. Murphy leads us through his fascinating career, which included stepping into the role of director at the YMCA, before he made his return to teaching. His experiences, passion for hiking, and undying love for teaching form the heart of this compelling conversation.

The plot thickens as the students reveal their roles in "Comic Book Artists," adding an element of surprise to the spring production. They proceed to share an equally engaging narrative about their fall performance, Honk Jr, diving into the depths of their characters while shining a light on their personal growth and how they overcome challenges. Their descriptions highlight not only their talent but also the sense of camaraderie that direct these productions.

Prepare to be transported into the vibrant world of Blake, Russell, Kit, and Eden—each bringing a unique perspective to the table. From Blake's dedication exceeding acting, Russell's take on playing the 'Ugly Duckling,' Kit's journey from being an apprehensive participant to owning the stage, and Eden's unforgettable mic-incident—these stories not only entertain but resonate with the intricacies of performing arts.

As we journey through rousing tales centered around stage fright, resilience, the impact of comedy, and growth, Mr. Murphy adds the cherry on top with his favorite memories. This episode serves as a testament to the drama club's vital role in shaping students, fostering friendships, nurturing talent, and building confidence that extends far beyond the stage.