"Empathy In Action"- Affton Unplugged: Ep 32

Join us this week on Affton Unplugged, a family-oriented podcast that celebrates the remarkable stories and individuals of the Affton School District. This special episode offers you an inside look into the world of school social workers and social emotional learning (SEL) interventionists, spotlighting their crucial roles and contributions.

This week's guests, Beckie Rainbolt and Greta Pitcher, are dedicated professionals advancing the crucial work of SEL at our schools. Felicitously timed to coincide with the upcoming SEL Day and National Social Worker Day, they offer a comprehensive account of their multifarious duties and how their work influences students' educational, emotional, and academic growth.

We explore the diverse social work terrain, the interventionist's role within it, and the direct impact they make on their students' lives. Get an understanding of how they prepare and relentlessly adapt to better connect with students and address their needs, providing them with important life skills and an optimal learning environment.

We shift our focus to the power and significance of SEL in promoting the comprehensive development of students. From collaborative problem-solving to building positive relationships, our educators share their innovative strategies for fostering an enriching learning environment, underlining that SEL is not just an add-on but a core part of education.

The conversation also illuminates the latest advancements and practices in SEL, including the newly updated Second Step curriculum. Also, don't miss the inspiring stories of community engagement and togetherness that have contributed significantly to the Affton community.

In this enlightening episode, dive into the fascinating world of Social Emotional Learning and grasp the instrumental role of these community maestros in shaping the minds and lives of tomorrow. Tune into the 'Affton Unplugged Podcast' now to learn more!

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