"Affton Early Childhood"- Affton Unplugged: Ep 33

Join us this week on Affton Unplugged for Episode 33, "Affton Early Childhood." Join us as Superintendent Travis Bracht gives a comprehensive tour of the Affton Early Childhood Center, offering a deep dive into the pivotal education hub for our three and four-year-olds and pre-kindergarten students. The Center provides full-day and half-day programs as well as before-care and after-care and summer programs.

We have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Amber Sinamon, the Early Learning Director, Erica Grissom, the Lead Teacher, and Stephanie Kanzler, a Classroom Leader. These individuals, who play significant roles in the Early Childhood Center, provide invaluable insights into the center's daily operations, the program structure, and the remarkable impact it has on the children's life and growth.

Our discussion uncovers how the center engages children in Project Lead the Way, Motor Lab, and an innovative curriculum that involves coding and much more. From instilling scientific virtues to nurturing life skills through play, the Early Childhood Center's approach transcends traditional educational paradigms.

Get to know more about the enrollment procedures and get a glimpse of the collaborative initiatives, summer programs, and before and after school care offerings. Dive into the captivating world of early childhood education and meet the extraordinary people shaping the future of young minds.

In this episode, our guests delve into their journey of building rich and meaningful relationships with the students, tapping into their individual interests and encouraging parent participation in their child's learning process. Learn about how lessons like "All About Me" enable teachers to better understand their students and how focusing on children's interests can foster growth and development.

Discover how the educators at the Affton School District create a vibrant learning community by integrating parents into their child's educational journey through unique communication methods. Enjoy heartwarming anecdotes from our guests' interactions with children and parents.

Get ready for more educational discussions and inspiring stories from our community of educators in future episodes of Affton Unplugged. The educators at the Affton School District firmly believe in the transformative power of education and aim to provide the best experiences for each child. Stay tuned, and join the conversation.

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