"Lifelong Learning: A Conversation With Dr. Brian Esselman"- Affton Unplugged: Ep 35

Join Affton Unplugged for Episode 35 where Superintendent Travis Bracht interviews Dr. Brian Esselman, an accomplished high school teacher in the Affton School District. Unfold the inspiring journey of Dr. Esselman as he depicts his passion for teaching, recount his experiences in the district, and sheds light on his academic achievements. Listen as he explains how attaining a National Board Certification amplified his teaching skills and the process involved in acquiring it.

Get to learn about Dr. Esselman's Educational Leadership doctoral program centered on social justice, equity, and heritage leadership. He shares his in-depth insights into how this program synergizes with his national board certification pursuits, contributing positively to his professional journey.

Further, Dr. Esselman takes us on a insightful trip to Montgomery, Alabama, that profoundly influenced and sparked meaningful dialogues among professional communities. This episode also touches upon the unusual challenges and learning opportunities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, tune in to this engrossing episode of Affton Unplugged that underscores the worth of higher education in enhancing educators and brings you closer to the passionate professionals devoted to education.

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