"Behind the Curtain: AHS Spring Musical"- Affton Unplugged: Ep 37

Welcome to Episode 37, "Behind the Curtain: AHS Spring Musical," of the Affton Unplugged podcast. In this thought-provoking episode, host Travis Bracht takes an insider's tour of the preparations for Affton High School's highly-anticipated spring musical, Into the Woods. This behind-the-scenes look peels back the curtain, revealing the passion, hard work, and commitment Affton's young thespians put into bringing their characters to life.

Sylas Hampton and Mary Cooper, cast members and high school students themselves, willingly share their experiences. They delve into their dual lives – managing their academic responsibilities while devoting countless hours to rehearsals. Sylas divulges his recent success at the FCCLA competition, while Mary expresses her deep-rooted love for the arts.

Furthermore, they take us through the twisted and thrilling storyline of Into The Woods. The viewers get to understand the complexity of their characters, the Baker and his wife, and how these vibrant roles intertwine with the other Grimm's Brothers tales within the musical.

Sylas and Mary further discuss their journey of managing the challenging music score while synchronizing dialogues with specific actions. Amidst these challenges, their devotion to theatre and their roles is burning brighter than ever - illuminating their words with the fervor that can only come from a love of theatre.

Moving beyond the stage's glare, the duo delve into their plans after high school. From dreams to fears, they discuss their hopes of theatre, becoming more than just a hobby. Amidst the pressure, they are immensely grateful for their school's supportive team that has continually propelled their theatrical productions to higher levels.

In this captivating episode of Affton Unplugged, join us as we explore the unseen magic behind a high school musical. From memories formed to lessons learned, this episode brings to light the art, dedication, and allure of the theatre.

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